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Trusted Partners engage in a diverse range of consulting and advisory projects aimed at enhancing client’s performance. Our focus lies in analysing existing business challenges and formulating solutions and quick wins lead to an amazing To-Be status. This entails leveraging best practices, employing analytical techniques, facilitating change management, offering coaching, and providing a fresh outsider’s perspective.

We’re looking for Management Consultants (Associate and Consultant levels) who can bring forth established frameworks and methodologies to identify problems and propose more effective and efficient approaches to business tasks.

Years of experience

3-5 Years



Cybersecurity Manager


• Develop, implement, and maintain security governance, including security frameworks, policies, and standards
• Develop, implement, and maintain the Cybersecurity strategy
• Develop certification and conformance evaluation criteria to ensure successful system acceptance .
• Maintain and improve the system security documentation package
• Develop Target Operating model for Cybersecurity Governance
• Liaise with client to ensure security processes are effective and have been implemented as expected
• Conduct audits to validate the certification and conformance readiness state achieve System Certification and Accreditation .
• Lead identification, implementation, and review of the full range of GRC measures to ensure certification and accreditation is maintained in a complex environmentt .

Background /Number of Experiences

• 5-10 Years
• Passionate about Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). This Lead position is pivotal in ensuring the successful completion for a
cybersecurity program delivering to our client here in KSA. This permanent opportunity will be responsible for providing services to ensure risk management, compliance with the applicable national regulatory frameworks (NCA, CITC, SAMA etc.), policies, and international standards with particular focus on Cybersecurity.

Roles and Responsibilities

• Consult the client for GRC services
• Develop Strategies and Frameworks by observing Client environment
• Perform Risk Management activities with help of Risk Management Guidelines e.g., ISO 27005, 31000
• Build ISO 27001 and National Regulation (NCA, CITC, SAMA etc.) Compliance Program for client
• Perform compliance validation audit for client readiness



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