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Trusted Partners is a Saudi company based in Riyadh and was established in 2016, since that time, we have focused on providing value-add consulting, sophisticated solutions, and cutting-edge services in the field of cybersecurity advisory, capability building, and cybersecurity assurance for various sectors.

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SECURE 17 & 18

Cybersecurity capability building program that is institutionalized, technical, and business-focused, to tackle cybersecurity challenges for Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) and the financial industry in a responsive, responsible, and accountable methodologies that are properly taught and governed. A 6 months-long training program between KSA and the most powerful countries in the world in the field of cybersecurity, covering 3 main tracks (Penetration Testing, Architecture & Governance, SOC/IR/Forensics). Through this prosperous program and as a Train-Like-You-Fight concept, 19 fellows were recruited by 10 government organizations and banks.
Successor to SECURE17, all aspects of the program has been improved significantly with cutting edge content and practice. A 6 months-long trainings, 2 months in KSA and 4 months in USA. The cybersecurity tracks were rearranged to four tracks (Defense, Offence, Architecture & Infrastructure, GRC). All accompanied by thoroughly customized soft skills courses and real-time virtualized On-Job Training. Through SECURE18, 26 highly qualified fellows were recruited by financial institutions both government and private.


The Telecommunications Security Pioneers Project sponsored by MCIT and all telecom providers aims to qualify and train candidates in the field of communications security and information technology, to be the cornerstone of telecom security. A 575-hour long training, 48-hour on top of default work, and +200 practical applications and study of realistic scenarios. The program provides:
- Most intensive and distinguished cyber courses for the communications and information technology sector, covering the basics of IT security, attack and defense, and telecom-specific security.
-Comprehensive and accredited international professional certificates in the field.


The first competition of its kind in the MENA for Malware Analysis. It was launched in cooperation with our strategic partner, Chiron, to unleash the emergence and development of new talents in the field of cybersecurity, especially malware analysis. Through this competition, 10 winners were demonstrated incredible skills in malware analysis.

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