Digital Government Authority

Trust Partners successfully implemented a comprehensive risk and business continuity management system, ensuring the Authority's continued operations.

Trust Partners executed a notable project with the Digital Government Authority, in building and operating the Risk and Business Continuity sector over a span of 36 months.

  • Building and operating the General Risk Management: Developing and implementing an integrated risk management system .
  • Establishing a governance framework that enhances operational transparency and compliance with legal standards and regulations.
  • Building and operating the General Business Continuity Management.
  • Enhancing cybersecurity through comprehensive audit of operations and improving protocols and security measures.
  • Contribution to building risk and business continuity controls
  • Developing guidance evidence that provides valuable guidance to risk and business continuity units.
  • Execution of supervisory committee
  • Providing continuous support for authority requirements and measuring maturity level and performance indicators.
  • Participation in Measurement Cycle 23 for Digital Government